FirstAboutMeDuring Course 1 of my COETAIL journey, I was checking out some of the blogs of my friends and colleagues who had already completed the program. When looking at @pjcarp13 ‘s blog, I really liked the cool infographics he had added to his About page. So, being the true inquirer (read: geek) that I am, I started putzing around with some websites myself and settled on PiktoChart. I made two small infographics about myself and created my own About page.

Fast forward to Course 3 and I’ve learned a hell of a lot! Add to that, @rlanglandsand and I have started the recruiting process and it’s time for us to get serious about what we want (read: need) people to know about us.

So I’ve made some changes.

A LOT of changes.

While I’ve been improving our ready-to-send cover letters and resumes, Rob has been working on some rather interesting infographics for his Course 3 Final Project (check out his blog). Together, we’ve created a complete package that we think sets us apart from other candidates while highlighting some of our design skills. (you can check them out by clicking on the images below:)




Infographic: Angela



EaselyBut in my typical Type-A, overzealous, reach-for-the-stars sorta way, that wasn’t enough. I really wanted to take it a bit further and explore

making a resume-like infographic myself and I wasn’t interested in using the Adobe suite. I was keen to use a free tool that others could utilize as well. After rea
ding the article: 10 Online Tools to Create Impressive Resumes, which showcased a number of tools and services that anyone could use, caught my eye. I reflected upon what I wanted to share and what wasn’t necessary. 
After a few hours of designing and redesigning, my About page has been improved with a short-but-sweet infographic about myself.

Feedback (and job interviews) welcome!