What was I thinking? Keeping the family happy, healthy, focused, and organized while working full-time, surviving the amazing South African traffic, and trying to start my COETAIL balanced with the other 1,682 things on my personal and professional To-Do list makes me want to run for cover (or at least… call in sick). What was I thinking registering for Cohort 4?

Oh that’s right. I was thinking– why then hell wouldn’t I add something more to my plate? After attending Learning 2 Africa in Addis this past October, I was invigorated. I have been working on school-wide or administrator-initiated professional development for SO LONG that I almost forgot what setting and focusing on my goals was all about. So when, I came “home” and started implementing changes instantly I thought, “OK! Now I’m ready to take this in to the 21st century!” So… here I am, just a Christmas holiday later, adding yet another big commitment to my already overflowing plate of commitments. Because this time… this one is for me!

Though I may feel like I’m drowning most of the time, I predict the rewards will be invigorating. Bring it on Cohort 4!